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  1. An administration with a foreign policy team as chaotic as ours is right now isn't ready for what's coming.

    GAZA (Reuters) - A Hamas rocket killed three Israelis north of the Gaza Strip on Thursday, drawing first blood from Israel as the Palestinian death toll rose to 13 and the military showdown lurched closer to all-out war.

    Israeli warplanes bombed targets in and around Gaza city, where tall buildings trembled and thick plumes of smoke and dust furled into the sky.

    The Palestinian Islamist group claimed it had fired a one-tonne, Iranian-made Fajr 5 rocket at Tel Aviv in what would be a major escalation. But there was no reported impact in the Israeli metropolis 50 km (30 miles) north of the enclave.

    Israel's sworn enemy Iran, which supports and arms Hamas, condemned the offensive begun by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as "organized terrorism".

    Israel was more concerned about the mood in Egypt, whose new Islamist government brokered a truce between the two sides on Tuesday only to see it shattered a day later when Israel assassinated the top Hamas military commander.

    Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood which now controls Egypt, Israel's most powerful Arab neighbor and a crucial partner in the 1979 peace treaty that stands between fragile stability and regional chaos.

    Cairo condemned the offensive and recalled its ambassador to Israel. Israel's ambassador left Cairo on what was called a routine home visit and Israel said its embassy would stay open.


    Israel's Iron Dome interceptor system shot down dozens of some 130 rockets fired from Gaza in the first few hours of daylight on day two of Operation Pillars of Defense, the army said.

    But one of those that got through caught its victims before they could reach the blast shelters that are everywhere in the Negev region, prey to sporadic Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza for the past five years.
  2. Israel needs to send someone an invoice for the rockets. Maybe the UN.
  3. can we just admit that destabilizing the middle east with two unnecessary wars was a disaster? israel is partly to blame for this. their jack booted treatment of their neighbors foster hate.

    "One of the delegates, Nabil Shaath, who was Palestinian foreign minister at the time, said: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I am driven with a mission from God'. God would tell me, 'George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan'. And I did. And then God would tell me 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq'. And I did."

    Mr Bush went on: "And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, 'Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East'. And, by God, I'm gonna do it."
  4. No, we can't just admit that. Your conclusion assumes all was just peachy prior to 2003, and we all know it was anything but. What has added fuel to the fire is this "arab spring" which is really a nightmare come true, and we have an administration with it's headed fully engulfed in the sand. Anything that's a problem just doesn't fit their narrative of all is well doesn't fly. Bin Laden is dead don't ya' know.
  5. no he is not. i got it from a good source, AAAINTHEBELTWAY,that bin laden was secretly being held in the Benghazi embasy by obama and that is why obama refused to send help when it was attacked. lol

    "Quote from AAAintheBeltway:

    What could Romney have possibly been told that would have convinced him to avoid the Benghazi issue at the foreign policy debate? It was the smoking gun of obama's incompetent leadership. Not only did it represent the disintegration of his much heralded Arab spring policy, but he also seemed to have abandoned two brave SEALs under fire and left them to die.

    And who could have possibly delivered such a message and been believed by Romney? Certainly not David Axelrod.

    What if the most admired general in the last decade, now Director of Central Intelligence, came to Romney and said the Benghazi annex was not just a CIA safe house. It was a secret rendition prison. And we had a very valuable prisoner there. One whose identity absolutely must not be compromised. Any further use of Benghazi in the campaign will inevitably lead to congressional hearings where the whole story will come out.

    We will have to admit that Osama bin Ladin is alive. "
  6. Then it's true. AAA has been infected with ODS. It does not appear that there is any cure for this malady when one contracts it.
  7. This will get bigger day by day. Syria and Turkey escalating. Egypt Muslim Bro-Hood will be kicking shortly. This won't be so easy to handle as lying about unemployment numbers, healthcare costs and who is going to get taxed.



  8. BSAM


    Let the fun begin

  9. Do you and that idiot who is on ignore understand the concept of a hypothetical scenario?

    See, sometimes you don't know all the facts and so you try to speculate about stuff that could explain apparent anomalies.

    I know for a certainty that Mitt Romney is not a moron. I also believe strongly that Obama's handling of the Benghazi attack was either incompetent or worse. Yet romney refused to touch it in the thrid debate, which was devoted to foreign affairs. What is your explanation? That he thought voters were bored by it?
  10. Whew! You have me worried there for a minute!

    Now then, you have to admit, this is a bit far out there don'tcha think?

    If the administration lied about Osama, do you know how rich the person who blew the cover off of this would become?

    Just sayin.
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