let`s see if we get follow through for Bear Rally!

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  1. looks like a poor retail sales number is the most likely outcome, and could reinforce my argument for sending this market back down to more reasonable levels. Another build in business inventories could also help the bear case for this market facing up to the slowing business economy ahead for 2007.

    MBA Purchase Applications
    7:00 ET

    Retail Sales
    8:30 ET

    Business Inventories
    10:00 ET

    EIA Petroleum Status Report
    10:30 ET

    10-Year Note Auction
    1:00 ET
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    BS, give it up man. I think yopu have set a new ET record for wrong calls. Just go with the flow. :D
  3. Keep it up. You really are becoming a great contrarian indicator. You can be certain when you go bullish I will be out of the market.:D
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    Retail figures come in at 1%. Anyway you put it didnt matter what the number was, the markets were going to be bullish no matter what. Why?

    Better retail sales means the consumer is still spending and the thought of a soft landing still exists. Consumer spending makes up 2/3 of the GDP, with this in mind the there is no such thing as a hard landing.

    Now if retail sales were off -.5 or 1% the bulls would still bid this market higher on the chance that the Federal Reserve would cut rates sooner than later.

    The bulls will win either case.

    As for the chance of a rate cut for those bulls. NOT HAPPENING ANYTIME SOON.

    Good news is great news and bad news, well......its still good news.
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    Slowly letting air out of the inflated market but the indexes are solidly sideways. SENSEX has dropped abit. Seems like OEX will keep things pegged with little movement. 2007 anyone?
  6. actually the market gapped up and sold off for a solid hour.....on good news for the bulls...........it would have gone further, but again the s&p 500 index is what is being used to hold the nasdaq/qqqq`s up right now.

    they want to try to hold this thing up til they are fully out, that good news was what they were looking for, so they could sell their positions into that good news, the sad thing is that those idiots still have more unloading to do, but the s&p 500 was controlling the whole show today and for the past week.

    I repeat my assertion that the s&p 500 has become a tool to manipulate the indexes by the power elite.

    It should worry you that they didn`t want it to go higher (they needed to sell stuff) but they didn`t want to signal to the world to start selling (after all, they still have more stuff to sell) so they kept holding it above water.

    just look at aapl for the corollary in stocks, how many bs upgrades have we had in the past 3 weeks from 90-100,100-110, 90-95---this is a x-mas stock that they need to get out of like last year when it went from 86.50-back down to 52.00.

    and it moves the stock, and then it still goes down further, go figure--all analysts calls should be held private--but again that would be asking too much of wallstreet--then they would just pay journalists to do hit jobs---oh yeah--they already do that as well:)
  7. "power elite"

    yes, they are controlling the market. we are all pawns subject to their illuminati like control.

    ph33r them. the retail trader can't win. it's fixed. run away . run away.

    spare me
  8. You are really stretching to justify your current market philosophy. Yes, there was churning today but there is nothing abnormal about churning. Smart people take profits. We may be getting closer to a selloff, but the trend is still intact.
  9. "power elite"

    yes, they are controlling the market. we are all pawns subject to their illuminati like control.

    ph33r them. the retail trader can't win. it's fixed. run away . run away.

    spare me

    i never said the retail trader can`t win.....your never going to win like goldman sachs---look at those bonuses/numbers.....they make the market....you just stay out of their way.

    but all the "retail traders" who have come to the party late....they will lose......like they do year after year.......when they buy into all the propaganda rhetoric that dow wil be up 12% next year.....which may or may not be the case.....nobody knows.......but the one thing that everybody knows.......is that we will have a major sell-off between the next november x-mas rally.....they forget to tell the retail traders that.....that they sould wait to buy into this market AFTER the big yearly sell-off.

    Its like buying burlington when natural gas is 15.00 a btu.....you are buying at the top of the market.....and now natural gas has to fight to stay above 8.00 btu.......another stupid acquisition.

    we little guys are pawns......"as we cannot MAKE OUR MARKETS like GS can.....we are like little mice trying to pick up some crumbs here and there in the relative scheme of wallstreet.

    Knowing your objective power/position status is a starting point for making money in the markets, failure to do so will only lead to big losses.

    So you better be ready when GS turns the switch and lets the dogs out/their computer sell programs loose on the market which will be any day now, as the easy money to be made from this point is from the short side. For every one dollar risk to the upside, there is seven dollars to be made on the downside!

    You have to know the risk/reward parameters for your trades.
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