Let me tell you what is going to happen now

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  1. Now that rates have been cut, you will now see bonds fall and treasury yields rise due to inflation jitters.

    The banks will have a field day as the consumer gets stuck with higher prices and higher rates, just watch.

    It is so easy to manipulate the fed, think about how the jobs data all the sudden came in negative, think how the inflation data even as commodity prices surge came in tame, you did not here anyone mention the core rate today that was up, all the sudden a once wallstreet favorite is set aside for the headline number.

    Watch the ten yield start rising back to 5.00% all this was for the big banks not the subprime borrowers, it's now @ 4.48%

    You won't here any crys for a rate increase for wallstreet.
  2. huh; Fed can always keep printing money which will be used to purchase bonds to press the yield down; inflation's number "adjusted". As long as tax payer can pay for them; average Joe will not even notice.
  3. that's exactly what I thought when people here mentioned bond rates as a reason for cutting rates
    Fed prints money and hands it over to press the yeild down so budget deficit is a little less

    I think the only way to go is to sell USD

  4. buy the cad !!! :) its a pro-oil, short usd trade. going to parity soon.

    [late to the party eh?]
  5. I don't think it will work to against the fed; first all; Japan can easily support USD; BOJ has done it many time before.

    Not too sure about China; cause China is different ; whole different ball game;

    US can easily push BOJ to submission by cut off food and energy supply.

    Just go along with fed; if it wants to long; you long; If you don't like fed, move to another country. Just like many wealthy people has chosen giving up their US citizenship and stop pay taxes to US.
  6. American consumer not that important with globalization
  7. huh??...the American consumer is the biggest importer in the world. The American consumer is very important to globalization.
  8. um 300 million vs 6 billion

    unlimited profit potential
  9. and over 50% of the world's wealth is in the US, so what's your point?
  10. huge profit for US exporters as global economy grows
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