Lessons Learned

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    What quants got wrong, and where you should be to protect your investments:

    1) By and large U.S. Markets aren't 24/7 and neither should your rates be. Discrete rates over continuous compounding. From the inception; to the end.

    2) Continuation charts missing priced-in gaps don't make you safer; it only makes your charts more aesthetically appealing. Honor the contract.

    3) A breakout of half the range in the weekly isn't despite popular opinion the same as and 8 hour stop run. Fade my stop in the weekly and I'll hit you 6 times coming and going. I'll win, but get there slower enjoying the pain.

    4) Seasonals and hex-decimals don't end at 64; they begin at 256.

    5) The 26 year business cycle won't be thrown out in favor of month to month bear straddles. And if it's being pandered to you that it will, you're tomorrow's new dish. Begin looking for Real Estate in or around Alaskan suburbia, because you're packing.