Lessons from Increase now

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Most valuable lesson you learned from Increasenow

  1. Tick Size matters

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  2. With 10K you can trade 4 ES, or 12 Corn, 43 soybean calendar spreads or 22 gasoil cracks

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  3. When you decide to focus on 3 instruments in your trading, be sure to add some more the next day

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  4. You need high energy to trade

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  5. You need to be bullish trading

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  6. BANG!

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  1. TraDaToR


    Out of all the valuable material in the 4700 Posts that Incy graced us with( 70 % of which were about tick size and margins of different markets ), what is the most important lesson you learned from him?

    PS: I voted BANG! which is a lesson in itself.
  2. BANG! got my vote too, was hoping WOWSERS might be on the list but BANG! is certainly more important. :)
  3. get a Starbucks before throwing serious cars at a high dollar $ tick valued futures contract