Lesson - "CCI Trading Technique"

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  1. I have an effective yet simple way for you to use a great little
    technique using the CCI.

    Contrary to its name, the CCI can be used effectively on any
    type of security, not just commodities.

    This technique can be used for any market that has a decent
    daily range. If you look at any chart you will be able to easily
    spot the CCI divergence after reading this lesson and watching
    the videos.

    Because this lesson contains charts and videos, it has been
    posted here:

  2. LOL.

    Nothing new.

    There is a whole website and chatroom dedicated to the CCI. Unfortunately the MM know the CCI too and know all the tricks to relieve you of your money. Many, many went bust attempting to trade the CCI.

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  3. Have used the CCI for years. It is effective and helpful when used with other indicators or averaged. Not a cure-all, but a good tool for the box!

    Good luck
  4. There are many indicators out there but does it mean you have edge over other traders.. of course not but if use the western indicators along with the candlesticks and chart pattern then you can have edge over others that just sticking to just one or two indicators and they think they own the market. Be humble and learn as much as you can then you will be successful trader and then you might have financial freedom that everybody is trying to achieve, but unfortunately just 3% to 5% of traders embrace that achievement and hope you are one of those.

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  5. While there are marginally helpful ways to use the CCI, you seem to utterly ignore them.