Lesslons learned the "had way" about trading

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  1. Some of the smartest people lose money, not in spite of their intelligence, but "because" of their good ideas; what lesson(s) have you learned the "hard way" about trading?
  2. Sigma (SIGM) has crap management :mad:

    Can't say much more...
  3. it is possible to time tops and bottoms even at the one-minute level consistently, but it is damn hard and takes a lot of brain work and meticoulous analysis.
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    a stock is never too cheap to sell (i'm long IFLI) and never too expensive to buy (i'm short JRCC)
  5. The trend may or maynot be your friend, but you damn well had better not try to fight it.
  6. You win when you lose.
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    Simple solution is to just don't trade in Boston.

  8. time of day is an underrated indicator
  9. Trading from a handheld device while getting road head driving at high rates of speed on a bumpy road is generally not a good idea.
  10. sorry about SIGM

    live and learn
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