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  1. Igaluku


    Hi guys !

    May be you know stock brokerage who do not charge minimum commissions of $1?
    Because I want to test one strategy that trades a lot with a small profit target, and I do not want to invest much money in each trade.

    Thank you
  2. zecco.com and Bank of America and Wells Fargo offer $0 commissions, but they only allow a certain number of these per month or per year.
  3. why do a trade if you can't afford a lousy buck?
  4. Hmmmmm
  5. i know everybody wants to pay as little as possible...but crap man...if your buying 1000 shares and your concerned about paying even 5.00....why do the trade?
  6. Free trades from a bank is like getting points back from your credit card....at the end of the day, you know your somehow getting screwed
  7. To bad you cant put sarcasm in writing (especially when it's a shor sentence. - Of course there are restrictions. - ) I looked at their offer and laughed.

    Whislt I love the bank, somethings they need to stay away from.
  8. lescor


    What if you do it a few hundred times a day? Then a dollar here and there might add up.

    Obviously the higher your trade volume and frequency, the more important commission rates become. There are legions of traders working strategies with very thin margins and a major part of their edge is their commission rate.

  9. Igaluku


    If I trade about 250 trades per month investing $500 in each with a profit target of 1.5%. So, $2 commissions are not so cheap while profit is only $7.5….
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