less people on ET?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mixer, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. mixer


    Seems like less people are on ET.

    Is it because less people are trading?


    People don't like what ET has to offer?
  2. ...could be we are on vacation...like ME....Carolina Mountains here I come!!!!:D
  3. I just don't like what they have to offer around here anymore...

    PEACE and good-trading,
  4. In contrast to previous poster feel this is an excellent site
    to explore trading trends, news and strategies.
  5. RichSohn


    Too many pikers hiding in their little holes. They crawl out to rag on other traders and firms and then go back in.
  6. hey loser boy....fetch me some lunch
  7. Give me a break. Another handle for the high and holy roller? You need therapy!
  8. It's definitely much more interesting when people share their trading journey with all of us.
  9. I Have found out that from 17,000 memebrs, there is
    3000-4000 memebers that read most of threads,
    and participate here.

    10,000 members just read, and never participate.
    3000-4000 members Just register and visit may be
    few times a monthe.

    Around 2000 members that have send more than 50
    posts on ET only . Around 500 very active members only,
    and i am not one of them, but planing to be more active,
    in near future.

  10. That is why, i think ET, have to charge mini charge monthly
    like $5/monthe.
    It will make members to contribute more and less people
    register and appear in more than 10 differnet "Nick names".
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