Leslie Nielsen R.I.P.

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    Dead at 84.
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    Oh shit...

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  3. One of a very few Hollywood people I am willing to say I will miss. Unless I missed something, he was a good actor and better yet a good guy.
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    Shirley, he will be missed.

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    Have met him several times. He was always a TOP NOTCH guy! My Wife still gets red in the face over the first time we ran into him, I said, "good to meet you.. Mr. Poopy pants!":D He laughed like crazy on that one, and every time I'd run into him, he always had time to stop and talk. He will be missed.:(
  7. A good friend, a smart, funny, and generous guy all around.

    He and I at Daytona Beach to film an MTV ad with Benny Hill in my Electric Car. Me taking the photo.


  8. I prefer to remember him for his fine work in this, rather than the comedic stuff

  9. Robby the Robot, I"m sorry to say passed on in 2002.

    Police Squad was one of the few TV shows I ever watched. It was so looney for its day. Had never been anything like it. Remember the Mr. Wizard character saying, "and that's why, Bobby, women don't play professional football."

    But one of my all time faves was Nielson talking with a man who's daughter/wife was kidnapped. The phone rings, Nielson says, "answer it". The guy picks it up, says "Hello", and listens for a few seconds. Puts his hand over the receiver, looks a Nielson and says, "What do I do.?"

    Nielson deadpans, "I believe you're in textiles............"

    Or the fighter in his trunks, his robe, playing music in the locker room. Nielson looks at him, and says, "no sax before a fight".

    Great sophomoric material. Just silly guy stuff. Great.

    The beaver with Priscilla Presley. Killer.

  10. Reminds of sitting in the conference room at Sony - Zucker Bros Productions with David Z, Jerry Z, Abrams, Leslie and a couple of other "big time guys" - they inserted an old tape of one of the original episodes of "Police Squad" - they kept rewinding and playing the beginning and the end....well, needless to say I was a bit curious as to what they were looking for. As it turns out, this was a British version of the same show, and they were watching to see if the Zuckers had "Created by" credits on the tape. I "assumed" that these experts would know of such things ahead of time...but no, and they did, and there were High Fives all around, since it meant a few $million coming in. LOL.

    I remember, and I think I have a photo somewhere of the "sign in book" at David Z's ranch (Whale Rock Ranch) in Ojai....my sign is was right below Priscilla Presley's - no wonder I took a photo, LOL. I remember taking my son to the ranch several times when he was younger, beautiful place, close to LA.


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