Lescor And Dustin, Who Lost Money At Tuco?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ESSTUD, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Thanks for the heads up on tuco. Lescor some of you big swinging dicks didn't have a meltdown on your black boxes did you?
  2. Just to clarify, do you actually think Lescor and Dustin cant handle certain market moves? Furthermore, are you implying today was one of the moves they cant handle?
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  4. where is TM_Direct, this seems like his prediction!


    God bless bob bright. Master trader cpa bob green 1 year ago had a big article about how the sec was going after llc's who have made a mockery of the $25k min pattern day trader rule. Seems like et has some of the best traders on earth so coming up with 1 million for a retail account will not be a big deal.
  6. Goldman Sucks must be hurting on their trading. Time to sic their dogs on the little guys, too many on the playing field right now.
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  8. Hmmm, there is NO getting around $25K PDT rule???

    Who is next, Cy Trading, Benchmarq, JC Trading???
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    I just wired out $130k last week with no problem. There's no reason to think they are holding money or defaulting on anything.
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    I don't know any more than what's been posted. I also wired $100k out of my account last week with no problems. I've traded with the firm since it was formed and there's never been a hint of financial shenanigans or liquidity issues. According to the filing, it sounds like the sec is going against the business model in general. I have no idea what the $1.3M shortfall is refering to.

    The email we got said that Tuco denies that any violations have occured and that the company can continue to operate as usual until a full hearing is held on March 19th.
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