Leonard vs Norris

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  1. How do you compare boxing to trading?:D

  2. Ali = TREND surfer/rider/jumper/follower

    1st round knockout-ees = ET 5-min. chart traders. :D

    Watch Ali show massive prudence and patience as the bearmarket kept going lower - then he saw the sign, the flagging volume and the not-thereness for just an ogonblick in Foreman.

    That's when he took his leveraged swings, several entries right at the bottom of the bear and then the bullmarket took off with the fans still screaming .... Ali boomaye, Ali boomaye :)

    Lord, what a beautiful sight. :)


  3. :D :D :D
    ïëþñ ïèöîò))
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ZIxV9KWgY&NR=1

    The historic round 8 in its entirety ....

    @ :22 = the flagging volume

    @ :17 = the first leveraged entry (shot to back of BEAR's head)

    then came the highy-leveraged breakout entries and knockout of BEAR when he was at his WEAKEST.

    Patience and Prudence hand in hand - the TREND rider's/surfer's/follower's weaponry

    (Remember that rounds 2-7 Ali tested BEAR's strength by several 0-leverage entries = taking shots to the body as the entries failed
    but all the while BEAR was tiring hisssself out while ali was conserving his firepower. Note also Ali's pre-fight preparation of toughening his stomach muslcles aka trader loss endurance buildup)

    What a mastertrader!!! :)