lenovo notebook ..... good or bad for trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fearless9, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Anyone have good things to say about a lenovo T61 for trading.

    thanks and regards
  2. dhpar


    I have T60p. Great for trading - using it for almost 2 years now. Buy the best specs.

  3. Thanks dhpar I will charge ahead with a T61
  4. gwb-trading


    I have used the T30 series, T40 series, and now T60 series as a laptop for a long period of time. The Thinkpad family laptops are very solid business computers.

    I would urge you to to upgrade to the top-end workstation version of the Thinkpad laptops for trading (e.g. T60p)

    - Greg B.
  5. tdubnik


    Currently using a T60P and love it!!!

    previously used a T20 and T30 and they were great as well. Very solid and well built and they have a super fast trackpoint (which I love) mouse as well as the touchpad (which I hate).
  6. Interesting thread. Does anyone trade using their laptop with a Broadband Card as their connection?
  7. gnome


    Unless your laptop is part of your secured network, isn't "broadband trading" a security risk??
  8. Good question, but I may not have a choice. I have a full time job, but can trade either in the morning or afternoon hiding in my office at work.
  9. You can't go wrong with a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad. They are built like a tank. I have a Z61m and it runs great for position trading.
  10. One of the keys to successful trading is to be in an environment where's there's no distractions.

    Trading at the office of your fulltime job contains many things about your trading environment that will sabotage your trading.

    You may want to find a different trading instrument that you can trade while at home instead of at the office.

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