Lenovo Laptop .......good?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FunMan, May 16, 2011.

  1. FunMan


    want to buy a laptop, is Lenovo reliable?
  2. Don't mean to intrude, but I've got 3 Gateways that have never given me a problem.
    I'm running 32 bit Home Premium Vista on the 2 older ones, and Win7 on the newest one.
  3. FunMan,

    I use a Lenovo T510 as my backup (my desktop is a Lenovo P90), and have had no issues in more than 1 year. Our IT group at work uses Lenovo's for all new desktops and for laptops as long as I have been there (more than 6 years) and will get nothing else.

    Solid, reliable business machines...hard to go wrong.
  4. bighog

    bighog Guest

    First 2 pc's were IBM, now Lenovo. They never let me down.

    On the advise of a trader out there in San Ramon and my bro, they both used Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. I researched and totally convinced LENOVO THINKPAD the only way to go.

    Cheapie laptops sound like nothing but headaches, why bother?

    T520 soon, as soon as i take that trip to Florida for a month........ I hear the Ocean calling me..........sit there and listen to the waves come in.............best sound on the planet :) and birds singing :D
  5. jjf


    I am just buying my 3rd Lenovo as we speak.

    The first two machines are still working around the house and office and have never missed a beat.

    In fact, I am dumping my PC and will trade full time from my Lenovo, which will mean I can pack it up and go when we travel instead of having to update my traveling Laptop before we leave every time.