lenny dystra reportedly broke and risk losing home, but still writing for thestreet

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    ...and Jim Cramer called Nails one of the smartest investors he know on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble a while back.....lol
  2. Cramer on Dykstra:

  3. Lenny Dykstra could barely read when he played baseball.
  4. gaj


    the funny (sad?) part is when he had his big loser on an options trade...at first, he said he had sold it, but when that was exposed as a lie, he just removed the "losses" from his scorecard:


    right now, wins = 250k.
    losses = 200k. (1 loser).

    and if INTC doesn't run up in the next week to about 16.50, he'll have another loser - this one for about 120k.

    his options positions with size (AMAT, SU, TEX, DOW, GE) and have moved from "deep in the money" to "umm...deep in the red, and usually not in the money".
  5. He looks like David Letterman, not this matters, but trades worse than Letterman most likely would.

    Oh, the irony.

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    Just looked at his site and method, complete amateur and a strategy guaranteed to lose. We need more people like him trading and giving trading advice :)
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    Hey Lenny "Where the F is my money?"
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    When Lenny played ball, one of his talents was crowding the plate, often getting HBP. I think he took one too many to the head

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    any back drop on how lenny became a guru in his own mind?

    i know cramer is a phillies fan so did cramer just take him under his wing since he is a fan?
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