Lenny Dykstra

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EPrado, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. EPrado



    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Good riddance. Another fine pick by Cramer. Didn't Jim call him one of the trading world's top guys?

    Dykstra's trading strategy was great..take small winners, never get out of losers.
  2. J-Law


    You're expectations are too high....He was only just a Met.
  3. You know you've hit rock bottom when you sell a stolen sink.
  4. hughb


    Did the cops show up and snap the cuffs on him? Did his lawyer arrange a meeting time for his arrest?

    I wondered if this would happen. Too fucking bad. He should have studied harder in school so he wouldn't end up a washed up athlet with nothing better to do than rip off the naive and sell stolen sinks.
  5. kut2k2


    HA! I knew that stuff about some rockhead jock being a top stockpicker was a load of bull, even without investigating it. Bwahahahahaha! Anybody else remember the Beardstown Ladies who supposedly were beating the stock market? Then it turns out they were adding in their home equities or some such nonsense. LOL! No surprise that Cramer was instrumental in all the Dykstra hype. Too bad Cramer can't be sued for half of Dykstra's debts.
  6. Don't be so hard on Cramer. He's a publicity hound. You should not be surprised by that revelation.

    When Cramer decides if he wants to hire Dykstra he doesn't need to vet this guy. He says, "Hey this Lenny cat is already famous, get him! If he turns out to be a prodigy, then I'm a genius! If he blows up like the Hindenburg, then I'll still get my name in a the paper! Win win!"
  7. dealmaker


    Cramer also told viewers to go long on Bear Stearns ( BSC) the day before it went under.
  8. He was talking about the BSC retail bank remember lol? When he said that I almost threw the tv out the window. I thought "I'll give someone all the bailout money if they can show me ONE retail BSC bank". It's one thing to make a bad call (in public no less). There's nothing wrong w/ that. We all (esp. me!) do it. It's another to blatantly lie about it when everyone knows you're lying. Cramer and nails deserve each other.