lenny dykstra makes espn!

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  2. that man is in complete denial, and a schmuck
  3. Two peas in a pod! :p


    Anybody that would give him a dime, or hire him, is a total cluless moron...oh but Cramer did... :D

    "Hey Jimmy! It's me, Nails. Doing fine doing fine, you? Great to hear". "Say Jimbo, I got this deal you need to know about. And maybe you got some friends that want to make some money? Big money!"

    "Yeah, hey, let's get together and talk about it. But I got a little problem. I'm a little short until the house sells. If you could put some gas in the ol' jet, I'd pay you right back. You know I'm good for it..."
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    did you see the part where the TSCM editor wouldn't return any comments about lenny?
  5. wow..he looks liek a tubby bitch
  6. Nails, you're living the dream. good stuff!!:)
  7. Dykstra is sociopath. Anybody that watches CNBC for recos is an idiot. Other than Art and Rick they are all idiots. I miss Eric Boiling. He was good too.
  8. Nothing says jackass like a four in hand tie knot on a widespread collar. Keeping in form, Cramer.
  9. "In a second-floor hallway leading to what used to be Gretzky and wife Janet Jones Gretzky's bedroom, Dykstra spots a bat -- the flying variety -- balled up in a corner where the high ceiling meets the wall. He ducks beneath it with his hands clasped on his head, playfully screeching"

    He is a funny bastard, I'll give him that. Maybe comedy is his thing?
  10. Damn that was a long article...

    This guy seems like a total sleazeball but at least he is doing something competitive after his baseball career. Even though he has all those lawsuits, he is better off than the bankrupt athletes (Mike Tyson, Latrell Sprewell, etc.) who made much more money than him from their actual sport.

    His competitive chubby ass would be better suited as a local in CME pits though
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