Lenny Dykstra is one awful trader

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  1. I take it you've developed a contrarian system that fades this rubbish. Like fading barchart's recommendations on canned indicators. Why else would you go there?
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    This can't be right:

    "Lenny Dysktra manages Nails on the Numbers, a subscription service sold by TheStreet.com. He is 81-0 this season on his options picks . Dykstra writes regularly about options trades for TheStreet.com."
  3. Oh it's right. However, it doesn't mention his OPEN positions.


  4. first off the guy sounds like he is drunk whenever he talks. second, who ever said he was a good trader?
    i am baffleD at how some people get media platforms.
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    Wow, thanks for this info. I've always wondered about that when he advertises his record. He says he puts on 10 contracts, sets a target for $1 above his price on a GTC order and walks away. Yet it's obvious he doesn't do that and an email I had sent to him went unanswered. He had 1160 contracts on DOX Jan $20; that's one hell of an average down since June, and since they just expired worthless without even reaching his average cost, I take it he took a $208,800 loss. I don't see his subscribers able to tolerate that kind of loss :eek:
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    The dude bulked up on roids when he played for the mets and then just got fatt.
  7. Heh. Just noticed he is listed as an advertiser on that NY Post search page showing all his lawsuits!

    Nails On The Numbers
    Learn From Options Expert Lenny Dykstra. Start Your Free Trial Today.

    If that friggin brick is an "options expert" then...aww fuckit...
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