Lenny Dykstra is now 106-0

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    Better sign up quick...this guy is a genius!!!!

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  2. You'd think with that recent 500% increase in SEC fees they could get off their asses and shut this punk down.
  3. This crash and burn is going to be BIG! "Swing for the fence!"
  4. "Before I go any further, I would like to apologize to you all for the TheStreet.com's inexcusable lack of communication."

    Translation: They fired me after they read an article detailing what a douche bag I really am (example: I charged a $23,000 private plane bill to my mother, etc.). TheStreet.com and Jim Cramer were too ashamed to admit what fools they were for ever associating me in the first place and tried to pretend like it never happened. Sorry.
  5. clacy


    Maybe you guys didn't read his bio.........

    "Lenny Dykstra is the founder of Nails on the Numbers and its parent company Nails Investments. Lenny first became famous for his grit and hustle on the baseball diamond and helped lead the 1986 New York Mets to a World Series championship and the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies to a National League title. After hanging up his cleats, Lenny opened a chain of extremely successful high-end carwashes before taking on Wall Street."

    Clearly this guy has a history of success, so I see no reason why he isn't 106-0 in his trades.

    Winning a Wold Series and owning a chain of car washes has prepared him to give out beatings on Wall St.
  6. spinn


    Wouldnt the fact that he stole from his mother indicate this guy is a cant miss analyst?
  7. LOL, How was the squeeze today 4 U?
  8. Illum


    He's actually perfect for Wall Street. Suck people in till you burn up. Sounds like the Wall Street selling machine to me.
  9. Imagine the flood of ghey porn hitting that gmail inbox...
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