Lenders overwhelmed by Foreclosures

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  1. messy....
  2. once again, it's regional. Michigan has the Highest Unemployment rate in the country, Michigan is a state that is in a Recession. Califorina is Mixed. Florida is Mixed, NV, AZ, Mixed.

    This will take a decade to wind up however, as politics are local, so is this "Crash".

    besides, it's now the best opportunity to purchase a home, even a better oportunity than back in 2002. Other than for the"POOR" and "INDEBT" .....nothing has changed for the "Smart Buyer".
  3. I was a developer at the time of the crash in 1987 and by 1990 the banks were flooded with property that they were not equipped to handle.

    In one instance I was late with payments on a rental property (I was milking it to float other empty and half finished projects) and after selling two condos I went to the major (top 10)national lender saying I wanted to bring the loan current and I could even make some advance payments to show good faith. They said no dice, the case is already at the lawyers.

    So they foreclosed on me for being late 3 months.
    What happened after that?
    They forgot to tell the tenants where to send the rent and the tenants lived there for almost 3 years without paying rent.
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