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  1. "Accredited Home Lenders surged on Friday after the private-equity firm Lone Star received regulatory approval to acquire the struggling subprime lender."

    It might be impossible for Lone Star to get out of the deal at this point and they have to go forward swallowing this dog of a bankrupt company after all. Definitely agree with the level of risk shorting these. There is no free lunch.
  2. I'd buy some September $10 puts or $7.50 puts before the close.

    Actually, I'm not messing with it. This stock burned me big time on a screwed up trade I put in in March when it had a run like this. Don't want to get into it. The next day after that 100% run, it opened at $13.50. I don't think that will happen this time around. Lone Star will work a different deal.

    If I was in this stock this morning, I would bail right now @ $10
  3. Volatility... A dream for some.
    A nightmare for others.

    RTQ -40%

    Hey pump and dumper, if you bought those puts. Congrats. Either way, good call.
  4. Right, would you pay $15 for a bag of shit, that you thought was shinola 3 months ago?

    lol, this was ludicrous
  5. Just woke up from nap and saw the news...

    Yeah, nailed that one both ways:

    Now, why didn't I REALLY do this?:

    8/10/2007 3:34 PM 26043580 Buy_To_Open Put QFW UA 60 $1.65 $10,024.99
    8/10/2007 3:23 PM 26043410 Buy_To_Open Put NJK UZ 74 $1.35 $10,139.49
    8/10/2007 1:04 PM 26040424 Buy_To_Open Put QFW UU 34 $2.75 $9,429.49
  6. maxpi


    I was looking at that thing earlier from a list of most up issues for the day. That is unreal, up from 6am on news, down after hours on news.. from the same source pretty much? Do I have this right?
  7. LEND ................R.I.P.
  8. There is more manipulation to come next week on both sides of the action...

    Looking like an AHM kind of play if it gets halted.
  9. This stock is a day traders wet dream cum true!

    Look at the after hours action too.

    I am going long on it if it trades mid 4's and adding to the position if it drops below $4. Of course, being the daytrader I am, I will of course dump it from $6 on up! lol.
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