LEND Getting Crushed

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  1. Shorts gone wild.

    Bid/Size 6.21/2

    Ask/Size 6.23/1

    Last 11.40

  2. blast19


    I don't know about that...I think it's lack of buyers. It's only traded 1M shares and it's down 50%...shorting isn't the reason, lack of interest in catching a falling anvil.:D
  3. ElCubano


    16-May-07 Earnings Next earnings release: May 16 before market, unconfirmed. Reuters Research estimate: -1.05

    Their she Blowssssssssssss :)

    this might be more like a falling meteor.

    13-Mar-07 02:15 ET In Play Accredited Home Lenders pursuing strategic options (11.40 ) : Co announces that it is currently exploring various strategic options, including raising additional capital to enhance liquidity and provide them with the flexibility to retain or sell originated loans based on an assessment of the best overall return. Accredited also reported that it is pursuing certain cost restructuring initiatives, including further workforce reductions.
  4. Cruzan


    Was anyone able to short it today? I tried -- 2000 @ 6.05 and 5.85 and couldn't execute (I'm using IB's TWS). Seems it wasn't on the shortable list.
  5. down 70%..wow thats some bad

    and NEWC is at 85 cents and traded 2 billion shares
  6. LEND at 3.97 ah

  7. the easist $4 you will ever make if you can find some shares to short!
  8. isaacly


    up near $9 today .. i think it'll go higher.. NEWC is gonna stay low i think.. i think LEND will be able to get the funding it needs to help it get back up after this fall .. can you not trade LEND on the CNBC portfolio game cuz of subprime probs?
  9. ElCubano


    BiLosellHi...scared me out of this one....:D yeah yeah yeah no one to blame but me...:p
  10. I scared myself out of this one, too. :(

    Leave it to a twit like Dodd to intervene with free markets and 'legislatively speak' up stocks rightfully should head lower.
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