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  1. Has anybody had recent experience with Lek securities? I'd appreciate any info. I've seen some feed back from '06, just wondering if anybody has recent experience.
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    I think they only have broker dealers as clients. Sam Lek has been in business for a long time. Good guy, tough business man. Wears a bow tie. Self clearing, not sure how much capital he has.
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  4. Thank you for replying. I looked through that focus report. My accounting is rusty but it looks OK. Are you a customer?
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    No, I work for an Introducing Broker. We don't do business with Lek. Lek a small well run firm that deals mostly with prop firms. We are not a prop firm.I'm not great at reading these either. Looks like their capital is around $12MM. That makes them very small for a clearance firm.

    What were you hoping to do with them? Are you joining a prop firm that clears them?
  6. I'm thinking of joining them as a customer. My other choice is Vision. I've heard too many rumors about Penson so I'm looking for a straight customer account at a good firm with financially stable clearing.