Lehman taking the Ambac Approach

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Aaron Copland, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. This is odd, last week thay say cash level is fine, then this. Bear did the same thing, they lied all the way down, even got the SEC to lie.

    Is anyone buying the 5.63% gap open?
  2. did you cover yet? sorry for your loss
  3. gilch


    well, i had to sweat this one out the last few days .... but it seems like i can stop biting my fingernails on my SHORT LEH april 35 puts ($3.10)
  4. anybody had a look at eps estimates of leh, ubs, deutsche?

    price performance and eps estimate changes went hand in hand at lehman since 200706. lehman price looks fair enough right now, given the changes of eps estimates vs. price.

    however, ubs stock price could not keep pace with the downward revision of eps estimates since 200802. the stock performance was way better than the revisions suggested.

    deutsche eps estimates, on the other hand, have been revised downard by more than 50% since 200706. yet the stock rose by more than 10% during the past two weeks. --> pe ratio has risen considerably.

    any ideas on that?
  5. man


    forget about estimates at this point of time. the companies
    find it hard to predict anything by themselves ...
  6. ...change that to "they're takin the Bear Stearns approach."