Lehman Crashing !!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Something going on here.
  2. MER made comments that they could have a large writedown...but they also upgraded them to neutral this morning.
  3. This just happened.
  4. Hum
  5. pkts


    Guess who's calling Paulson right now asking for a little sugar?
  6. ES dropping like a rock to. This sort of happens when we are about to roll contracts alot of selling.
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  7. Meredith.
  8. the negative side might be the message that if you mess up, the goverment might save the company but deplete your equity.
  9. I think as far as the equity futures go, this is the best evniorment to roll out of the Sep contract. Volume is picking up in the Dec contract in a big way.

    Who in there right mind is going to put on size with the Sep contract expriring next week.
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    10:59 LEH Lehman Brothers crushed aggressively lower intraday the last few minutes, to break below the $10 mark (9.57 -4.55) -Update- -Technical-
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