Lehman Commercial out of business?

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  1. I didn't see that coming. Even if not true, the amount of rumours attacking LEH is amazing.
  2. LEH @ 10 by Friday. Dow 10k within 2, 3 weeks, max...if true.
  3. You guys love to believe some guy with a picture in a suit on a random blog or message board. Who knows who David Donhoff is? Who knows who any of these people are? I dont know, I stopped caring a while ago.

    Instead, now I just play videogames because that seems to have more reality then these message boards ever will.

    I wonder if I put up a blog and place my title as leverage planner will I now be an expert...blah

    Plus, what kind of tie is this?

  4. this rumor has been out there for nearly 10 hours...don't you think someone in the market would have got a hold of it?
  5. I'm short LEH and as much as I would love to see the stock go down I wouldn't be surprised for it to rally on news of layoffs and closure of sub divisions.
  6. Explain why the YM is down 70+ if that isn't the reason.
  7. not trying to shoot the messenger at all. i'm just saying it was posted much earlier today. i would love to see a leh crash as much as anyone. i just wish it would have happened yesterday when i got stuck short stuff over the weekend! :D
  8. I bought some gold as well, the runour still has a few hours to go before the no doubt far more less interesting facts come out. LOL
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    Lehman Brothers: Platts review bars Lehman from key oil trade window - Reuters (22.41 -0.44) : Reuters reports that the energy pricing agency Platts has put LEH under a temporary review that effectively excludes it under a temporary review from trading benchmark-setting oil contracts, four sources close to the matter said on Monday. The exact cause of the move was not immediately clear, although the practice of disallowing a market player from trading during Platts' price-setting window is relatively common and can be imposed for a variety of reasons, from credit issues to trade disputes to shipment technicalities. But it will be a setback for the No. 4 Wall Street bank, which has strived in recent years to build up a commodity and energy trading division to rival that of the long-standing giants GS and MS, and has seen its shares slump by nearly two-thirds on write-downs. A Lehman spokeswoman was not immediately able to comment, while Platts declined to confirm or deny the review on Lehman.
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