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  1. certainly behaving like it's next to go under.......especially near the close. buy imbalance then sell sell sell!!! lol

    any comments?
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    That chart for LEH today is hilarious. Classic pump & dump. I still think Freddie is next to go. Today is also FDIC Friday, and if we're really lucky, WM will get its ass SHUT DOWN!

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  3. totally agree. gapped up on 'potentially' good news. and sell rest of the day. since FRE and FNM are backed by US gov't, what does it mean if they go under water?
  4. I'm so disappointed! I would have thought JPM would have bailed out LEH @ $2 a share by now followed by an emergency loan and discount rate cut by the fed.

    Dick Fuld and his ability to delay the inevitable must be stopped!
  5. Illum


    As long as the window is open, how could they go out?
  6. Good point. I guess the only hope is for CDOs and MBS to continue their rapid depreciation. But even GM is being allowed to live despite close to $50 billion in negative equity.
  7. Circulating the forums...

    Breaking News: Lehman To Be Acquired by Tooth Fairy

    The market responded with enthusiasm to reports that the Tooth Fairy has agreed to acquire Lehman. The purchase price has not yet been determined and will be set by Dick Fuld wishing upon a star, clicking his heels three times, and being transported back to that magical place where Lehman still sells for over $70 per share.

    In related news, Lehman has agreed to sell all of its level III capital, including CDOs, ABSs, pet rocks, baseball cards, slightly used condoms, and credit default swaps written by MBIA and Ambac. Lehman’s level III capital will be acquired for 150% of its face value by Tinkerbell, who will carry it off to Neverland to be fed to a crocodile. Lehman is financing 90% of the acquisition at an interest rate that has not been announced; Tinkerbell’s up-front payment consists of a handful of pixie dust, three crickets, and a bullfrog. Analyst Dick Bove estimates that the bullfrog could eventually be transformed into three princes and a pumpkin coach. The deal gives Lehman no recourse to any of Tinkerbell’s assets other than the Level III capital. If Tinkerbell defaults, Lehman’s successor entity will stick its hand down the crocodile’s throat and attempt to get it to regurgitate. The firm’s historical value-at-risk analysis shows that sticking your hand down a crocodile’s throat is completely safe.

    Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson issued a statement: “I am delighted that SWFs (Sovereign Wealth Fairies) continue to express confidence in the terrific values represented by American financial institutions. As I have been saying since August of 2007, this shows that the crisis is now over.”

    Meanwhile, the SEC has announced an investigation of mean, evil, bad short-seller David Einhorn. While out for a beer with a friend, Einhorn reportedly suggested that the Tooth Fairy does not exist and that wishing upon a star is not a wholly reliable price discovery mechanism. Christopher Cox, chairman of the SEC, said, “Vicious rumors attacking the Tooth Fairy will not be tolerated. Our entire financial system and indeed the American way of life depend on the Tooth Fairy and wishing upon a star. How else could one value level III capital appropriately?” The SEC is reportedly planning to set up re-education camps for short-sellers.
  8. Bloomberg reporter just referred to Lehman as 'dead man walking.'

    That's apropro.
  9. That was a good laugh, thanks.

    "Slightly used condoms..."
  10. Apparently Leh has more exposure to junk loans rather than junk mortgages - and junk loans aren't worth much at the FED's pawnshop.
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