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    most of you shorters cover early this morning?
  2. absolutely not. :D I'm holding out for the death knell. :D
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  4. OLA down she goes!!
  5. So they have ample Liquidity ("30 billion of cash and $64 billion in assets that could easily be turned into cash") and access to the FEDs facility. Yet raise $3bn.

    Everything's tip-top then.
  6. Its good to see Maria "AOL is on Fiyah!" B. to chime in on CNBC's Fast Money to say its a good sign that there were buyers on the convertible LEH is floating. Of course they said I believe last week they didn't need money and everything was fine. I think I've seen this movie before.
  7. Conveniently raised after earnings and options expiry. What are they gonna do with all that money?
  8. Tell ya what.

    I bet 90% of you faceless fearmongers are bankrupted long before LEH folds its tent.

    I give you odds too.
  9. so, you think this is good news?
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