LEH - said screw you shorts

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Joab, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Ok let's get one thing out of the way.

    Yes I did short into this rally but wisely only lost $800 today (could have been much worse).

    On days like today I can't help believe that the market is rigged (I know it's not).

    LEH, the brokers and PPT all got together and said let's screw all these funds that are spreading rumors about us.

    Let's gap the market up big on no news and then run the shit out of all the shorts right into the close.

    Days like today you just can't help but hate the market and feel like a victim, I'm just happy the damage was small for me but my guess is lots of funds got hurt bad today so watch for closures.

    Tomorrows another day ... peace out. :)
  2. The most significant event is Fuld throwing the shorts under the bus.

    The market now has legs.

    We have always differenctiated between naked shorts and shorts. Took an industry guy to lump them in.

    'SEC is on the Case" Lehman CFO

  3. In case you havent noticed the government is desperately trying to keep this ponzi scheme going
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    I just read that LEH "coincidentally" sold 4 billion in convertibles yesterday as well.

    HOW do these fuckers do this and everybody just pretends nothing unusual.

    How do I get a license to steal like this ?
  6. When I see such relentlessly-up days as yesterday, it smacks of "manipulation", or at least "collusion".

    The only way for such a rally is for "everybody to get the same message at the same time"... and the only way for that is, well... you know.

    Not that buying the up-gap for the potential of a "gap-n-go" move isn't possibly a good thing, but shorting into such a move because it's overbought (even if only on a swing basis) can be especially hazardous.
  7. Amen, I actually believe this. Not sarcastically or jokingly at all.
  8. Of course they are. No 'mark to market', won't settle trades. The Brokers have no balance sheets. But, they are all intertwined, and have to support each other. No choice.

    Work with it. Make your deductions, and trade with it. Brokers higher for a while. Reg Sho stocks pop.

    Any other ideas?
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    Happy to report today was well worth yesterday's nonsense.

    Great, trading day !
  10. The market is doing whatever it can to prevent another BSC. It would make sense for the truth to come out of Lehman and what they hold. These guys are on life support like many others. It;s only a matter of time before the next shoe drops.

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