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  1. The latest rumor is that the continues string of rumors, which have since been proven false, have nonetheless caused many clients to begin withdrawing funds from LEH and banks to reduce their counterparty risk. Lehman is now insolvent as a result, and they are only supported by a continues Fed Reserve discount window loan. It is unable to pay it back, so once the discount window closes, so will Lehman.
  2. You're about as connected as my 4yo.
  3. Just read the other message boards. And short sellers are not letting anyone steal their money. Stock is going down so even if this rumor is not true... stock is going down!
  4. Shorts are going to do anything possible to kill this company.

    When it goes under be ready to buy, that is our low.
  5. Yahoo finance boards? Thanks Captain Obvious. Start another thread entitled, "The Sky Is Blue"
  6. Can't comment on the validity of the OP statement, however, I do know of a midmajor bank not doing any business anymore with leh.
  7. Haha, cmon if its on other message boards its got to be true. I'd estimate about 50% of posts on yahoo are rumours, followed by 49% profanity ridden babble.
  8. Just to compare to the bear situation, they stopped business with them the week before it collapsed, they haven't done any business with leh for almost a month.

  9. "caused many clients...." Name one. You realize, this is slander if you don't have proof. And I know you don't. And as a matter of fact, this is precisely what the Fed warned against the weekend Bear went under.

    You morons think you can just shoot off at the mouth with no proof. Maybe when you get a subpoena, you'll figure it out.

    You know, there are 23,000 people who work there. If they go out, let them go out because of their own misdeeds, not because somebody decided to make a buck, and a wannabe like you piles on. There are people on the other side of these trades.
  10. July 13 (Bloomberg) -- Wall Street's biggest regulators are examining whether securities firms adequately police rumor- mongering used to manipulate stocks after shares of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tumbled last week.

    U.S. regulators are already hunting for traders who may have sought to illegally profit from the credit crisis by falsely stoking panics about the stability of companies including Bear Stearns Cos., which collapsed in March amid speculation that clients were pulling business.

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