LEH on bloomberg

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  1. BCE


    Thanks for sharing that. :)
  2. ``When things bottom out, Lehman and Goldman will be the best broker stocks to own,'
  3. I'm waiting for Citi @ $5. Jim Rogers is the best!
  4. He said only China was a buy and even moved to there, That market topped right after his comments.

    Overall I think he is good, C will not go to 5
  5. Told you it's a trap
  6. S2007S


    anything is possible today in this market...

    BSC was valued at 20 billion + in 2007

    on Friday it was worth $3.5 billion

    3 days later its bought for $250 million bucks....

    C can easily go to $5.00 now that I see BSC was sold for $2.00 after it was trading at $70+ 2 weeks ago and over $150 a share in 2007.
  7. LEH now trading around $22