LEH not only scammed London, but Hong Kong too

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  1. Default risk is always explained in such a sale. I have no sympathy for them, because they're just saying that. Any corporate bond runs the risk of being worthless, and that makes it no different than equity.
  2. Taiwan too

    probably most of the world
  3. I used to work at a well-known brokerage many years ago. The brokers were interested in selling the products with the highest commission. How it fit the client was not always on the top of the list.
  4. And another reason why I have no desire for a securities license. Series 65 is so much more equitable to the client.
  5. Let's see you invested in something you have no idea about, then you lost your money and now want the government to give it back to you?

    I wouldnt piss on those idiots if they were on fire.
  6. Two thoughts:

    1)"Crafty salesmanship, sugarcoated poison," those chinese people are so nice, crissake we speak worse of our own president.

    2)They need Milberg Weiss. WTF don't they have any decent securities lawyers over there?