LEH just gave back everything

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  1. everything and more. one volitile market.
  2. There is zero reason to buy Lehman, look how Bear was handled Freddy & Fannie.

    Sure buy Lehman at $7.00 what a deal. Wake up Monday morning after a bailout and its 50 cents. Just like Bear,Fannie Freddy WAKE UP!
  3. LEH not marginable through Penson? or shortable?
    anybody else experiencing this?
  4. the paralells are uncanny. bear started to free fall and everyone started defending them,even Paulson and COX (which is such a conflict of interest). bear then was cut in half and just kept going down .we are witnessing the same with lehman.i would'nt buy it for all the tea in china.
  5. Yesterday's news. Hear CNBC today? One guest said matter of factly, "Goldman is next."

    I'm hearing AIG. Why? What's the bear eat first. The easy honey. Then, he'll dig around inside the tree.

    Aig is defenseless. And I just don't know what you do /w an insurance company. You can sell off the annuities, some policies, life policies if you can get 'em cheap, maintain the reserves, but what do you do w/ the toxic waste? And Insurance companies are licensed State by State. Every State rep I talk to, the States are broke.

    Nice job, regulators. Nice job.
  6. What?

    So it's the regulators' fault that Lehman has such a toxic balance sheet?

    Don't worry, soon you can stop crying about your vagina hurting. This will become a centralized economy with regulators controlling every facet of it.
  7. You're right. For the first time, you actually have a cogent thought.

    I warned about that years ago. I believe I said, if we don't stop this, the Politicians will react. And we'll all suffer.

    I tried. What's your excuse?

    Oh, and if I had a vagina, I wouldn't post as much. That's a definite.
  8. You are the idiot who is crying to the regulators about everything, then you cry that they are taking measures which end up screwing you anyway. Yet idiots like you are partly to blame that this happens.

    You did not say anything besides "Waaah Waaah Waaah, naked shorters, waahh"

    Is it the naked shorters fault again?
  9. There is no such thing as "zero reason". If you bought Lehman yesterday at the close, you'd be up 20% this morning. The stock may very well be headed to zero, but so is every stock, given enough time.
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    Who are you, Bob Prechter?

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