LEH is on the verge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Currently down 10% Options activity has been suspect for a very long time.

    Could the rumours be true?
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    let her breathe...she's going to break...
  3. Going...
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  5. ...going... :eek:
  6. how bout the IV on those puts?
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    Jeez. That was crazy. Stock drops below psychological resistance at 30 and immediately plummets to below $29 a share. 10 minutes later... (and against what I would think are all odds).... The stock is trading back above 30.5. How the hell did that happen?
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  9. I think its the old smash and grab. What could possibly cause LEH to go under? They can always pledge more of their junk for treasuries if they get really desperate.
  10. if it makes large gaps in price in seconds that means huge postiions are being dumped flooding supply for that split second or seconds and then demand filling it in quickly back up to the price you mentioned happens alot if you just stare at a streaming price
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