LEH is going under this week

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  1. That is my call I just want to put it out there.
  2. What good is "a call" like this with no factual basis? Are you short? What purpose does this serve.

    If you'd say, "based on such and such, and my analysis of whatever..........." then it's worthwhile. But what good does this do?

    I happen to think that the authorities are under such duress, they can't let Lehman go, or it will appear that the bear raids are uncontrolled. You can see Bernanke and Paulson attempt to look in control, when no one is control And the SEC doesn't do a hell of a lot during the week. Why are they working on Sunday?

    SEC feeling the heat?

    SEC sets probes to prevent securities manipulation
    19 minutes ago

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said on Sunday it would immediately conduct investigations aimed at preventing the intentional spreading of false information intended to manipulate securities prices.

    The financial regulator said the examinations would be conducted by the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, as well as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and New York Stock Exchange Regulation Inc.

    Examiners will focus on controls broker-dealers and advisers are supposed to have in place to prevent market manipulation and look at whether they are reasonably designed to prevent intentional creation or spreading of false information intended to affect securities prices, it said.

    It said that the investigations are in addition to SEC enforcement investigations into alleged intentional manipulation of securities prices already under way.

    The examinations "are aimed at ensuring that investors continue to get reliable, accurate information about public companies in the marketplace," SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said in an SEC statement.

  3. ....and the SEC should also sanction those companies that tell lies ; ala LEH.
  4. oh; now it is illegal to spread the false rumor to destabilize the financial market; but it is OK to spread the false rumor to stabilize the market.

    Where do you draw the line for freedom of speech and thought; isn't that we fighting for?:D
  5. How about all the years it was ok to spread rumors about any ole' stock. but when it hit close to home, they felt the pain? It just needs to stop, and just like gas prices, it took a trip to the ridiculous to get those mushrooms in Washington to move.

    I'm just sittin' here waitin' for Faber to get a subpoena. What a day that will be.
  6. I respect your call but it’s meaningless. I say you have to become gay if you’re wrong.

    PS I don't see it going under I think it will be bought out for a low price but don't know when. It might surprise us and live to fight another day too.
  7. All I am doing is making a call. I am not calling the second coming. The call is based partly on observation of price action and partly on information which I can't disclose. I am not long or short the stock. Being taken over also counts. They will be taken over when their stock drops. The chart looks identical to Bear right before the collapse. I am not saying because I am making this call get short.
  8. .......information I can't disclose." Well, at least that 's a reason. I can't say it 's the brightest of revelations, but, to each his own.
  9. Cutten


    Ok - how many July puts are you buying and at what strike?

    If they go bust this week then those puts are the best buy since BSC puts in march.
  10. Shh!! The SEC will send out its NAZI death squads to silence anyone who spreads rumors with the intent of lowering the stock price.

    1st Amendment has gone to hell. Only rumors designed to increase the stock price are permitted.

    I hope some foreign naked shorter shorts the shit of out LEH sending it to under a buck.
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