LEH is a great franchise and Wall Street will not let it go the way of BSC

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  1. With LEH trading below $3.60 in the after-market, this is an incredible set-up for the greatest trade ever.

    LEH is a great franchise and Wall Street will not let it fail for obvious systemic reasons, nor will it let it go the way of BSC. If it did, when will this run on the bank end? Who will the shorts crush next? MER? MS? GS?!?

    I am convinced that LEH will be snapped up by a large financial institution for $20-25/share by Sunday. When this deal is announced LEH shares will run up to $35 in a massive short covering wave. This will send a clear signal that the financial sector is no longer fair game.
  2. why would someone pay 800% premium to get a bunch of shitty assets i saw 100-200% from current level premium IF THERE WILL EVEN BE A PREMIUM
  3. are you drunk?????
  4. I have no idea what you've been smoking but can I have 2 of them?

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    wall street won't let it fail? are you stoned. who the hell is 'wall street'? is there some group by this name that doesn't care about p&l who saves companies without regard for profit?

    the second the news crossed about the govt being involved, i wanted to short the shit out of it at $4.20 when it spiked jsut like FNM did. alas, no can do. crying shame, it was free money.
  6. if it were a great franchise, it wouldnt be going under
  7. they might if paulson swapped treasurey debt for the crappy assets

    a nice welfare check goes a long way
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    omg,what a dumb thread.

    at 3$ a share hasnt wall st already let this go the way of bsc?

    where do people come up with this nonsense?
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    Maybe some one will pick it up for $.38 with the backing of the GOV of course.
  10. This website really sucks.

    The level of market/securities knowledge is so low it is sad.

    So many college dropouts on here just surfing the internet losing the last of their college funds......
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