LEH goin to hell in a hand basket

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  1. wow ! i am astounded by this. if Lehman goes under which for all intent and purposes it looks like it is ;even with a bear staerns style bail out,this market is gonna tank. i said a few days ago my target is around 9800 for the dow. bear staerns and now lehman,this is simply mind boggling.
  2. Yehawwww. Lookit' Lehman tank!

    Bear Stearns Redux, baby!

    (Let's just let the U.S. Government admit it's getting its walking papers from Mao Tse Tsung and then they'll be free to 'inject liquidity' into Lehman)
  3. Yeah that was crazy. LEH went from 17% to 41% in a matter of minutes.

    Moral Hazard would be too great if Fed makes any more interventions that does not result in a complete wipe out of equity holders and managament.
  4. was $8.00 really the low or was that a bad tick? some news stories say the low was $8.50
  5. so will the Fed window save LEH from chapter 11?
  6. i own a car wash and need some good help. anyone at LEHMAN is welcome to come in and apply. don't be confident just because you have a few degree's,you better know how to wipe down a car. my drug dealer clientle are fastidious.
  7. if breaking news is released about LEH, what are the odds it will be halted and open much lower?
  8. so LEH might be preannouncing earnings today to reassure investors. Anybody going to buy a long position ahead of time?
  9. is it possible that the government will not stop in at all to help LEH ? Could they let them completely go under because they don't want to do another bailout right after bailings out FNM & FRE?

    But would LEH's complete failure bring down other institutions?
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