LEH downgrade

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  1. Bloomberg reports that Deutsche Bank's Mayo cut his LEH Q3 loss est to -$2.68 from +$0.33 (consensus $0.00). Deutsche's Mayo also cut 2008 and 2009 ests, and sees additional mark-to market losses. Firm cut their LEH tgt to $32 from $42.
  2. We all know leh is fked
    They are way behing the mer GS ms
    Also rumour,s have killed them a lot
  3. Bears can't short em into the ground, now they have launched an analyst downgrade campaign.
  4. They are fucking the whole finan sector
    Down grading GS downgrading LEH
    Hope Gs come out and says something man
    GS = the stock market
    Only GS can save all the financials
  5. Hope fully GS can save the day with Mer
    They look better then any other financials right now
  6. vergdb


    DB is downgrading GS because of the fact that GS will be weak together with its peers. Nothing bad about Mayo's statement. Some people think that GS is indestructible, but they were also hurt like the others.

    GS Alpha Fund = Say it all. 40% fall? Renaissance managed to do it with only 7%, what's so wrong with this fund?
  7. Bushido


    GS looking better fundamentally or technically? I have been consolidating long puts on it for a little under a month.. the ride has been pretty sweet so far, especially since last friday.

    Hoping to see it down around <=140 in the coming weeks. lets see how that goes..