LEH deal done ?

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    Futures will tell you the truth.

    Stay tuned but looks good so far.
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    dealbreaker.com calls themselves a 'wall street tabloid' with 'financial gossip'
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    British bank Barclays pulls out of bidding for Lehman Brothers: source 1:16pm EDT (Reuters)

    Getting anxious...
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  6. slightly off topic, but where do you guys go for a quick real time look at the futures?
  7. The bid/ ask on the futures markets. Even though trading does not happen until 6pm, bid/ ask is still there and it changes as events occur.
  8. ?

    I have no bid/ask on my IB screens, what broker are you with?
  9. Is Bank of America another citigroup in the makings?

    They seem to be firing in all cylinders ... maybe too little too fast..
  10. Trading Technologies TT Trader shows the bid/ ask regardless of your broker and regardless of whether the market/ exchange is open/ trading. It's the best!
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