LEH conned BAC and massive hedge funds!

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  1. There are others.

    I wonder about the various offshore Cayman Islands funds... who is there Prime Broker? I know alot of banks have offshore brokerages too, just seems like their could be more carnage hiding there.
  2. "Bank of America and some big institutional investors have learned they were wrong to count on what was Wall Street's fourth-biggest investment bank to keep their collateral safe."

    This is a very serious concern. It's an issue larger than the money at stake. If everyone calls in their money....????
  3. Now we can see why LEH did what they did. JPMorgan froze them.

    The giants are fighting and freezing each other. That means everyone's money is in some pot that can be frozen in this fight. Somebody is looking at your money right now, ready to say, "We had to take it. Things have changed."

  4. I keep telling you, until they invoke the death penalty, none of this will ever stop.

    You think I'm kidding.
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    Yeah coz China, where execution of public officials and figures is common, has such a low rate of corruption and fraud.
  6. They SHOULD. These fucking jerks need to be hung. Public hangings the way they did in Ye Olde England. Parade the criminals through the streets and then stretch their necks.
  7. Fuld told him to go suck wind.
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