LEH Beats, BBY Beats, Why Cut?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hbiawos, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Brokerages are booming, the consumer is spending, rampant commodities inflation, the dollar at historic lows---if the Fed cuts today I sure as hell am going to be interested to hear the rationale behind it.
  2. What about the fixed income market? How is that doing? How is corporate bond issuance doing?
  3. Lehman was supposed to be one of the worst in terms of exposure to subprime. If they're doing okay, then what's the problem.
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    Foreclosures are up 100% from last month, but BBY is raising guidance. Tell me how that makes sense. Screw the mortgage payment, let's go get a Wii. ??
  5. john12


    today is a very confusing day. how the hell did bby do so well with all the turmoil in august? are you telling me consumers ran out to buy flat screen tvs as the market was tumbling in august and people were scared of money funds? and it looks like leh barely scratched with all this. and throw in foreclosures on houses going wild. this makes no sense yet again. its crazy for the fed to lower
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    Completely agree.

  7. Its all part of the plan, spin spin spin them lies.
  8. get over it.

    I was caught short in my lehman put spread this morning, and its over.

    This market is going up big.
  9. lindq


    No reason at all for a rate cut. They should keep their powder dry.

    Prediction...no rate cut...immediate pullback in the market, followed by rally.
  10. Everythin is mirrored by the stock market
    If shares don't drop corporate bonds are OK
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