Legitimate Question About Buffet's Contrary Public Statements A Week Apart

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  1. Saw this on another forum and it got me thinking.

    Bloomberg ran a piece today where Buffet said he was a "buyer of U.S. equities," yet just last week, he announced he was "a seller of U.S. equities," and that he was going to be buying more government and corporate bonds.

    Can anyone explain this as being consistent to me in the event I'm missing something big?

    Today: Buffet Says He's Buying http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aIJNSdNHByG8

    Just last week: Buffet Says He's Selling
  2. He's been watching too much Cramer.
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  4. He's a two faced liar just like all the big wall st. insiders.
  5. One possibility may be Munger vs Warren, they have varying styles and the media is not likely to differentiate.
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    Why would Buffet tell the world his true plans? So people could front-run him? Dumb.

    Warren B. is a pretty smart man. Although maybe he's a bit bipolar these days, lol. Pretty hard not to be, given everything that people are hearing.
  7. From the article...

    "Spending less" is still buying. Fail to see the issue here...
  8. maybe a shrewd businessman, but an absolute con on the airwaves. Remember, when he never gave interviews and was so secretive. Sounds like a damn circus barker now.
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    There is a reason he's perenially bearish or says he's short the USD. See what happens every time they sell off dollar - commodities run and the market follows. I'd say its part of his master plan. Any time he speaks, listen for a pan of the USD. Many have thought this as un-American, but in effect it pro-US equities. At least as far as market direction is concerned.
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    He's buying the breakout :D
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