Legit site ?

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    Are they for real or is it some sort of scam ?

    Any opinion appreciated/

    Thank you
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    Anyone knows them ?
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    is that a sucking or blowing sound that plays when you visit the site? hard to tell, vacum of leaf blower .mp3
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    Hmmm, well, their pricing structure definitely puts their money where their mouth is.
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    They look pretty competent to me.
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    Thank you for your opinion Mr. 1 post.

    Good thing this old post of mine was resurrected because I never got to write my conclusion.

    I did the trial, on paper.

    At the end I emailed the moderator and told him how his trades were losses regardless of the performance indicator / track record.

    Long story short they had to reorganize their methods because they were doing losing trades after losing trades.

    Conclusion, another scam.

    However, the biggest scam is daytradeteam.com those suck beyond babies. Those guys got a trader there called Nick Fenton, he is amazing. So amazing that if you trade his exact opposite you would make a little money.

    Sadly, just a little money otherwise he would be at least good as a contrarian indicator.

    Too many scams out there, there should be a law against these people.
  7. Actually I disagree, I have been with many different companies, some are scams, but I have been with StockTraderVision.com for over a year. I have more than doubled my money. I did this without doing anything but following the alerts and using a 25% margin. When did you join? The period from August to December was not good but other than that, it has been a great experience.
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