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    are there any forex brokers which allow you to monitor a list of interbank rates and take the spread that suits you?

    if not, which of these market making firms is the most legit with its fills and such?

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    the lack of response is a scary statement about forex dealers...
  3. You are looking for an ECN. Firms that claim to offer interbank feeds are lying, its just marketing puffery.

    A currenex based platform will show spreads and depth available in the market from all the banks feeding the platform. You’ll see the best bids and offers available and the depth behind it.

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    Endeth the lesson. That said, many persons diving into forex -- including some with other trading experience -- determine to learn the lesson first hand. I'm in that "tuition paid" class.
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    Interactive Brokers also offers a similar ECN type model for FX - you'll see the spreads/depth available in the market from the banks and other clients feeding the platform. You'll see the best bids and offers available and the depth behind it.
  6. I am new to this forum...never done forums before...but I am glad I found this. Coincidentally, I am searching for a provider of forex services.

    I have traded for a few years (3) and I am hoping that we (as traders) will now have a fairer playing field with some of the newer options, like IB.

    I am registered Introducing Broker looking for a home. I have had some absolutely miserable experiences with dealing desks, so that is probably out unless someone can point me to a very straight firm. I am considering the new FXCM Pro, since it is Currenex STP, albeit with a spread markup, I believe.

    I am also considering Hotspot. I need some other alternatives, and it seems Interactive Brokers is in the market now, which I was not aware of. Can IB accept the managed account processes that other brokers can?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    IB offers introducing broker accounts which are suitable for firms that are licensed as a broker-dealer or introducing broker. This could be a single omnibus account, or white-labeling of the TWS for distribution to the brokers clients.

    We also have a Financial Advisor account whereby the FA manages a number of accounts and places trades on behalf of these accounts. The FA can set-up pre-allocation profiles and earn performance and management fees.

    As its slightly off the thread topic, please pm me if you need further info.