Legit Brokers. TRADERUSH IS NOT...see why

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  1. Quinones


    I asked an opinion of my so-called account manager at TRADERUSH. I asked, "Do you have any FEEDBACK on the 60 sec rapid fire trading with TRADERUSH."
    His response, effectively, was that he is unable to provide that information because my account is too small. Additionally, he states, he is too busy because he has clients with accounts over 5k.

    It was an inappropriate response and I told him so in addition to requesting that my account with TRADERUSH be closed. No response.

    I called to speak with a supervisor but customer service interceded the request with statements about TRADERUSH's popularity etc.

    I took advantage and asked, "Are u an investment firm because that is the information given to me by Michael Dean, my so-called account manager."

    Her response, "Did Michael Dean actually tell you we are an investment firm?"

    My response, "Of course. It's the reason I called. The mere fact that you are having to ask me whether or not an account handler did, in fact, informed me (client) that TRADERUSH is an investment firm tells me that you are not and you have defrauded me."
    Her response, "Well,....." End of call.

    So I have reported them as fraud because when I open up my other investment accounts such as Scottrade, the firewalls permit it. You type in TRADERUSH and your firewall blocks the site because it falls under GAMBLING SITES.

    Anyone able to tell me about LEGIT and REGULATED Binary Option investment firms that require little initial deposit?

    Any thoughts on Ioption which are regulated but are out in the UK? They also have low deposit requirement. How about NADEX?

    Thanks folks.......
  2. xyannix


    Most binary option brokers are not regulated and are basically casino operators branching out into financial market gambling.

    See this article: http://www.binaryex.com/regulated-binary-options/

    It says that Banc De Binary is the only one with FSA regulation for UK & EU traders. They are trying to get CFTC approval for US traders.

  3. Quinones


    Yes, I have read the link you offered. The problem is that BDB does NOT operate in the USA.

    I went to iOption......they also do not operate in the US according to their "live chat" and other internet sources. Their account manager tried to convince me otherwise except that I was not able to verify this fact through no other means except his one lonesome statement.

    How about TopOption? I believe they are regulated and also have the SmartCap? But do not have 60 sec expiry (I think)
    Nadex? They don't either, right?

    Anyone with feedback as to which Binary Option Broker is best but regulated and accepting USA customers?

    I should have been involved with B-Options by now except that I am stuck finding a regulated broker who accepts USA residents with 60 second expiry on the spotoption platform AND who preferably has an OUT OF THE MONEY compensation.

    Suggestions are highly appreciated!!

  4. Nadex does not have 60 second options. But 60 second options come at a price. Usually at best ATM with only say a 70% payout on 100% risk (ie make 70 on a winning trade and lose 100 on a loosing trade.

    Nadex does have expirations nearly every hour depending on the instrument. I think every hour from like 7 pm to 5 pm now on USD/JPY and EUR/USD and a lot of expirations on others.

    The main thing is you can get in and out. Though 60 seconds would be pretty fast you could do it.

    From what i have found currently in the US nadex, cme (weather binaries or something weird like that that is not retail), CBOE (on vix and spx but no liquitidy), and cantor (who listed for like a few months and then stopped listing) are the only ones in the US under regulation to my knowledge. If you find anything new let me know.

    Right now no non cftc or SEC (not to be confused with cysec) regulated broker can legally offer binaries to US citizens. Though some do still most are stopping this practice. There is a post on cftc and sec warnings on the otc binaries on their sites that are worth reviewing before you open an account anywhere.



  5. You were told that the dealers offering accounts to US clients were scams yet you threw your money away. Zero sympathy.