Legislating against anti-semitism

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  1. Anti-semitism is only one rung below Islamic Terrorism.

    Anti-semitism in the USA should be made punishable by execution.

    If Muzzies put up resistance to arrest, the police should reserve the right to shoot anti-semites on site.

    If Muzzies do not put up resistance to arrest, they should be tried in a court for anti-semitism. If found guilty, they should be allowed to choose between electrocution and lethal injection.

    By executing anti-semites, we are in effect executing many terrorists, since all terrorists are anti-semites.
  2. I don't know if you are crazy or just a provocateur.

    Antisemitism can be expressed in a varietyof ways. Would you, for example, call for the execution of someone who vocalized a distate, or contempt for Jewish people?
  3. hmm i do wonder why japanese, being the ONLY country to date attacked with nuclear bombs....

    do not want to punish anti-japanese folks?

    or why muslims dont give a shit if somebody is anti-muslim?

    islam is a very wise system:
    - no usury
    - fasting / ramadan --extremely healthy habit. in sharp contrast to isreali big pharma companies, haha.

    - women put in their natural place and roles.

    women is USA will wipe out american pride, dream and economy in a very short time, in fact, they already did it- country has huge, impossible to repay debt.

    next in line: ban anti-anti-feminism!
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    Don't feed the trolls.

    Thank you.
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    No, they just want to kill you if you don't convert to Islam or try to leave the Islamic faith.
    They found ways around that. Otherwise who would lend money?? Certainly not Muslims.
    Most religiions have examples of fasting. But it is not healthy for most people.
    I think 99% of women would disagree with that statement. As have men in civilized societies.
    So, women are bankrupting Amierica. And I though it was Obama who racked up the last $6 Trillion of national debt.
  6. jakejones or ckid?
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