Legg Mason says bottom is in

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  1. Just talked to my friend over at Legg. He said this guy called the bottom after the BSC collapse too. I lol'ed.


    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Legg Mason's star stock-fund manager Bill Miller said on Wednesday the "bottom has been made" in U.S. equities and that the Federal Reserve should consider purchasing stocks and junk bonds to pull the United States out of the financial crisis.

    Speaking at Legg Mason's annual luncheon for media, Miller said that all long-term investors believe that stocks today are cheap.
  2. Bill Miller has gotten crushed this year.
    Cramer said to "fade" him.
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    Sounds more like a cry for help from a sinking ship. Oh stop, he's a big patriot.
  4. his entire career is based on luck. thats it.
  5. How about, "The Fed should STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE MARKETS and let losers lose".
  6. I second that! (if you add to it "and let winners win").
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    Oh boy...next Mr. Miller will tell the Fed to buy his ill-fated stake in Fannie Mae and other financial garbish he bought on the way down.
  8. what a fucking clown. I swear the baby boomers who run this country have there heads stuck so far up there entire asses well never eve get out of this mess
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    A serious case of the pot calling the kettle black :D
  10. Correct! Landis has lost over half his nest egg this year, yet points his finger at miller.
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