legality of managed accounts in the U.K

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Chazzer, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Chazzer


    Hi, would anyone with more knowledge on this topic give me some advice. I have now been trading full time for 4 years, the first two years were spent training in an institution.

    I now feel i am ready to move on and start trading client accounts while also offering a signaling service to other individuals. I have signed my systems up to Collective2 so that potential cleints can see my actual trades without fear that i am a con artist.

    However; what is my legal position to offer these services in the U.K. I know that in the U.S an individaul can trade up to 20 futures accounts without being registered with the appropriate regulatory body. I also mainly trade FX and i also know this is unregulated in the U.S, is this also the case in the U.K?

    I really believe i am now in a position to offer third parties a good service as i trade fully automated algorithmic systems, so trading client accounts should not have an impact on my trading success.

    Thanks in anticipation!