Legalised Prostitution

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    I want to hear from guys from Bangkok and other areas where prostitution is legal. What kind of influence does it have on the economy and the culture. I'm guessing its a tremendous positive, and that prohibition of prostitution is having the same disastrous effects on our economies as the prohibition of alcohol once did.
    I ask because my friend just returned from a trip to Bangkok and he was saying that much of their economy basically runs on that and tourism.
  2. Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas.
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    legal in Nevada
  4. Regardless of what anyone might think about prostitution itself the bottom line is that in any country that claims to be "free" adults should have the choice to do whatever they like provided they do not infringe upon the rights of others. If all parties involved are willing participants, goverment's and interest groups have no right to force their morals onto others IMO.

    Prostitution is is the world's oldest profession and it's never going to go away. By making it illegal all you do is benefit scumbag pimps who enslave and brutalize women. Plus, piles of money get wasted on lost income tax revenue, enforcement and judical costs. Legalized prostitution allows women (and men) to work in a safe and regulated environment. With issues like this, governments need to start focusing on minimizing the harm that is done to society and the workers themselves and stop imposing their views on consenting adults without regard for the consequences.
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  6. Wondering what your position is on selling body parts, e.g. someone needs a kidney, I have an extra one I'm willing to sell, no one else gets hurt. Ok in your book?
  7. It is illegal in Bangkok. Just that Thailand is corrupted, and Govt keep an eye close.
  8. You have an extra kidney you're willing to sell? Well it just so happens I'm in the market. How does $50 sound? I saw one on ebay for $75 but if you can beat that I'm in.

    All kidding aside, while I can't say I've put much thought into the potential ramifications of that particular question, my initial thought on the matter is that would be alright provided that it were regulated in a way that minimized potential abuses. However, if allowing body part market ended up creating an environment where people eventually needed to pay ridiculous prices whenever they needed an organ, one could argue that someone did get hurt because eventually someone would die cause they couldn't afford one.
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    Paying for sex is weak. I prefer my right hand.

    Personally I think they should legalize everything, but that's just me.
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