Legalised crooks

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    I am scared reading ratings like this:

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    Legalised crooks

    "They rip off their clients by somehow jamming their platform's feeds, then they come up with all sorts of technical garbage as an explanation to what has happened and guess what? It's your own fault obviously. "

    Do you think it's really possible to take advantage from losing traders? How?

    They would provide (on purpose) a bad feed.... Why?

    Isn't true that your money is segregated in big FCM like RCG or GHCO?

    So how they can be considered "crooks"?
  2. Youve really got to do your own due dilgence on things like this. Most of the posts like this are BS and you need to recognise when the system is trying to manipualte you by providing misleading information. This business is fundamentally crooked. Misleading statements and outright lies are the stock in trade so be aware. Basically simply stated there are plent of hidden agendas played out on this website which is why so few successful traders will put any stock in most of the posts. Honestly it makes me want to puke how much bS is presented as gospel truth on these pages.


    If your quotes/DOM displays price @ 10.00 and you go MO and get filled @12.00 and then they say it's down to your ISP's latency, then I have to say what I've said. If it was a thin market I could understand, but it wasn't. Usual "we pinged you excuses, blah blah..." And their $300 margins are only there to suck noobs in, but that's another matter.
  4. You can't be serious. TWO BUCKS ? Was this on the NYSE ? What was the average daily volume for the stock ?
    I have heard of a case at Interactive Brokers where an errant API stop order to Sell was $10 under the market and the specialist took it down there and filled it only to have the market come back to normal. On appeal, the trade was nullified. From what I understand, he was only reprimanded, never fined or tossed-out.
    If you are trading NYSE, you're gonna get hosed sometimes.


    S&P500 e-mini
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    Maybe they don't have a good feed (I've no idea because I've never used them) but how would they benefit from this? Orders would be sent straight to Globex. All the broker takes is the commission.

    It should be obvious to you when prices are not updating on the DOM. It sounds like a newbie screwed up by placing a market order during an economic release and got slipped 8 ticks. Learn from your mistake instead of blaming your broker.
  7. fxcm use to do similliar thing by
    altering your limit order by 1 pip...
    goes by without noticing...fxcm more rich
    if u ask for a refund...they say that as a technical...and they give it back
    99% of traders do not bother, notice, or care
    ===> advanced crooks these days
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    You can't compare an fx bucketshop with a futures broker. FXCM are on the other side of your trade so they benefit if you lose. Global Futures are just a broker who send your order to Globex and take a commission. How do they benefit if you lose?


    I'll see how you will talk when you hire a top of the range car and a wheel falls off when you are on a highway. I don't give a fuck who benefits from this, broker was unwilling to sort it out, there were no news when it happened and it happened twice, my mistake was not checking price on DOM against quotes from another data vendor.
  10. fxcm
    is moving into this variable spread (depending on MKT)
    I think there is another advanced stuff here too

    I doubt they do that with the demo server

    need an auditor to check though
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